Friday, September 5, 2008

That's What Friends Are For!

Walking through life alone can get down right lonely and can be trying at times. That is why we take lots of time to insure that God has anointed the relationships we are involved in. I have the most wonderful wife in the world. She is my bestest friend, but there are many people who have influenced me in life and in letterboxing. My daughter Gracy, you may know her as Godsbird, has kept me on my feet after extensive surgery on my left which included a complete knee replacement. A man is truely blessed when his wife and kids are his best friends. I am double blessed as I have made some of the most wonderful people while involved in letterboxing.

Yesterday, Thursday Sept. 4, my very good friend 4 little piggies and I kidnapped my Gracy from school and played hookie in order to go letterboxing. The hookie thing is something she and I do twice a year. It is a deal I have with her concerning her grades. She keeps them up and I allow her to skip a couple of days. Yesterday we went to SE Kentucky, to General Burnside State Park and to Cumberland Falls. We got a few boxes, had a couple of good meals and a whole lot of fun. We went through a time warpped town called Rugby, TN. It was absolutely charming. If it is possible for you to see this place, do it! One of the most amazing things I have ever seen is a rainbow created by the moon. During the full moon at Cumberland Falls the mist coming off of the water causes a moonbow. It is the only place in this hemisphere where that is possible.

My purpose for this post is to remind everyone that reads it to thank God for the people He puts in your life. Play hookie with your kids from time to time, and absorb the natural wonders He has given us to behold. Share them with your loved ones. Thanks Father.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Having fun with LTCs

When the weather got too cold through the winter of 2007-2008 I was wondering how I was going to get my letterboxing Jones on. As it turned out, back in January, at a mini meet in Nashville, I watched several people swapped these little cards in plastic baseball card sleeves. I picked one up off of the table merely to look at and was noticed by the recipient of said card, who promptly snatched it out of my grubby, large paws. My first thought was to eat them, but they have since become one of my favorite trading buddies. I recon it was a good thing I didn't make a snack out of them. Then my thoughts turned to getting another glimpse at some more of those little cardboard morsels in the plastic sleeves. I found the LBer who was passing the things out and asked her if I might look at one. She handed me one and said I could do more than look at it, I could keep it. She didn't wait for me to take it, she just threw it at me and ran. Turns out it had a bag of green tea in it, and I went home and relaxed with a nice hot cup of tea. I looked at this little card for some time, reading the info and admiring this lovely lady's carving prowess. As soon as I logged onto my computer to log the finds of the days event, I found this little card listed as an LTC. Later I found that it was a whole new ballgame, and a way for me to continue boxing without the weather getting to me and without having to pay through the nose everytime I received a new PLB. This was just what I was looking for. It allowed me the opportunity to continue carving through the winter without stockpiling stamps and it merited a pay off. I received back as many as I sent out. After a few short months I had collected my first 500 LTCs and sent off somewhere near 1000. Something didn't balance here. Then the swap packages started coming in. These were swaps that I had joined and forgotten about and they were piling in. I was rolling in LTCs! WOO_HOO! Oh by the way, the jest of this post is to try it. If you are looking for something to do while laid up from an injury, or during nasty weather, or just some way to stay up on hacking techniques, try this. One word of warning...OK two. First, log them when you get them in the mail because they will back up on you till you have a butt load. Second, this stuff is habit forming.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Southern Hospitality In Tennessee Kickin' Good Time Mini Meet

There is a mini meet scheduled for Sunday, May 25, 2008 at Panera Bread in honor of our PNW friends coming to visit.

This link should tell you more.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

How To Make A Planters Pouch

I have tried, during my experiences letterboxing, using all kinds of planting containers to successfully place a letterbox in the outdoors and provide the best protection against the elements, allow the letterbox to fit in small places and be very re-hidable. The planters pouch is a variation of a bag that I saw another boxer use, who got it from another boxer, who got it from another boxer. No one really knows who designed the first one, but this design is mine baby. Hope it works for you.

What is Letterboxing?

Letterboxing is an intriguing pastime combining artistic ability with delightful "treasure-hunts" in beautiful, scenic places that the whole family can enjoy. Participants seek out hidden letterboxes by following clues, and then record their discovery in their personal journal with the help of a rubber stamp that's part of the letterbox. In addition, letterboxers have their own personal stamps which they use to stamp into the letterbox's logbook.